Freitag, 5. Februar 2010

concept art for 'yssilo' - swomper

'The brave young Mykril hunter’s poisoned dart had no effect at all'

concept art for 'yssilo' - AREIRA fight

'The pirates’ grapple hooks tore gaping holes into the airship’s hull'

concept art for 'yssilo' - lost kids

concept art for 'yssilo' - undersea

'His lungs were on fire, and his leg ached like hell with every move he made.'

concept art for 'yssilo'

'Babs clung to the rampaging donkey, holding onto its neck for dear life. When the beast wouldn’t stop, she bit into its ear. All fury went out of it, and the donkey stopped.'

concept art for 'yssilo'

'Armed to the teeth and roaring for blood, five Yssils on their gliders swooped down into the dome.'

Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

concept art for 'yssilo'

Ymi floated in front of Max's eyes, hovering on a circle of green light. Its processor crunched numbers like peanuts and spat them out in endless columns, while image fragments zoomed and zapped through the holo screen.