Freitag, 27. November 2009

concept art for 'yssilo' - christmas card

and here is a Christmas card for all of you :) enjoy! love Robert.

english: 'Later, captain Dieter K. always held back when talking about the landing incident on December 24.'

german: 'Flugkapitän Dieter K. sprach nach dem 24. Dezember nur ungern über den Zwischenfall beim abendlichen Landeanflug.'

Donnerstag, 19. November 2009

concept art for 'yssilo' - patterino

another one :) new concept art for 'yssilo'

'Charming. What manner of parents would bring up a boy in a dump like that? Lis placed the Chauteau Lafite, a frightfully expensive '86, into her gucci. With a final glance at the jag she followed the boys into the shady driveway. God, what was that smell? ... '

concept art for 'yssilo' - nursery / Kinderzimmer

New concept art work :)

'At this very instant a column of light, bright as a nova, shot up to the ceiling. The whole room was flaring with dazzling, blinding green, unbearable even with their eyes closed.'

Freitag, 6. November 2009

concept art for 'yssilo'

Here the sketch and the final concept drawing for 'yssilo'!